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G Sales & Marketing is an independent business to business sales and marketing services company based in South Yorkshire, specialising in well...sales and marketing!

Seriously, we work with start up businesses and small to medium sized organisations to help them increase revenue. Simple as that. Measurable and quantifiable.

We achieve this through possessing a wealth of experience and a range of skills in this field. We are not just ‘consultants’ who strategise and advise (we can do that by the way if required!) but we are also doers who understand that you may not have the resources/skills to implement necessary strategies so we also get on and do it!

We have been trading since 2006 and have a worked with a range of organisations within both the public and private sectors providing a range of services from sales management, lead generation to advising on marketing strategy. An expanding area of our expertise is working with public sector organisations and training providers to assist with projects such as the marketing of funding initiatives and funded training.

Our approach is to work in partnership with our clients to generate sales leads and develop new and current business. We are not a call centre and adopt a consultative, non-aggressive approach which is not just about volume but generating quality sales meetings, leads and business opportunities and building relationships while presenting a professional and cohesive image.